Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ending is better...

I went from July 14th, 2009 to November 2nd, 2009 without buying any clothing or accessories, with the exception of one pair of black socks, and Halloween costumes.

On November 2nd, 2009 I received $100 towards a new winter coat, and a Macy's gift card. I purchased my first real winter coat that November. I used the Macy's gift card to buy underwear and bras.

On December 14th, 2009, I made my first real purchase in 5 months. It was a $13 cape/jacket/thing from an antique store here in Bellingham. It is my favorite thing in my closet.

I made it. I made it the three months and then some. I was hoping to make it until Christmas, but the cape/jacket was too good to turn down. And to be honest, if I had run into it a couple of months earlier I probably would've cracked. I made it though, I proved to myself and to others that I could go without shopping... also proved, during and in the months after, how much I truly love fashion, and finding, and thrifting, and putting together bits and pieces. I still shop. I still shop more than most of my close friends. I also put things down, I say no a lot more often. And I truly feel like I've discovered my style.

When forced inwards, whether it's inside your head, your heart, or your closet, you learn something about yourself. And I learned that I have unbelievable willpower, and a classic americana style. I also learned that I love to shop.

5 months after I quit shopping, I shopped, 5 months after I stopped not shopping, I posted my final blog post. Now I'm off to Target to get myself a new pair of....something!

So, Adieu!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

today i found this in my closet:

three months and counting. I cheated once. I never told anyone. I was so ashamed. i bought socks. And not just any socks. black socks. black knee high socks. Of which I already own like 6 pairs so it was completely unnecessary and quite a panicked event. But it was only once. In three months. I think I'm doing pretty good. And like they say with any addiction, just because you fall off the wagon that doesn't give you leave to completely stay off the wagon. So I put on my good old vintage boots, some grey wool leggings I rediscovered in a box in the storage closet, an old pale yellow tshirt I dyed black (green?!?grey?!?!) because it had stains on it, and I climbed right back onto that wagon of mine. I'm wearing a grandma belt too, so glad I kept them all. The purse is new. It was a gift! From the flea market in Corpus Christi, TX. My grandma got it for me. She also gave me a kimono (I die!). This was all from a few weeks ago, not quite at 3 months yet...but here I am, 3 months later and still discovering new things from my closet. Whew!

On another note...see the pile of goodies hanging from the closet door? Those are old dresses that don't fit anymore that I was bringing to work for a 20 year old girl to borrow for a cocktail party she was going to that weekend. Not only am I finding plenty of goodness for myself, but I even have enough to share...

I like the think the mouse cord really creates the triangle composition I was going for in this image...ohhahahahaahahahhaaa....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Kind of Fried Joon.

A few weeks ago a blogger that I am super fan of, Whitelightning posted about the awesomeness that is Mary Stuart Masterson's fashiontime in Fried Green Tomatoes. I concurred. And tonite whilst watching Benny and Joon I realized that it wasn't just one movie. She rocked it out in many a film. Please watch Benny and Joon again, even with the sound off. It is filled with all my early fashion dreams... and heres to you Mary Stuart Fashionson.

Some Kind of Wonderful. Why hello Sam Ronson?!?

Fried Green Tomatoes. More vests. Things I need: Mens leather knife holster. To hold like chapstick and stuff.
Benny and Joon. I don't think this requires any explaination. mmm. shoes please?

last month I found this in my closet...

Get some popcorn sirs. This is going to be a long one...
a few TODAY I FOUND THIS IN MY CLOSET from the past...and maybe my new haircolor which isn't in existence anymore cause it was that long ago. Also. Tomorrow officially marks 2 months. Also. Dear computer, thanks for kissing and making up with internet. Your kindness will not go unrewarded. Love, me.

Hello! Angles. Angels. Leggings and oversized plaid shirts. When I was a kid I dreamt about this kind of adulthood.
Dinner for mom in laws bday. Worn with slouchy boots. Which you can't see. Cuz I'm not so good at the photo journalism part of this whole thing. I wore that dress to my 10 year reunion. Sans belt. This is much better.
new haircolor. it's just darker. but now it's lighter again. because i bought dye on sale. watcha gonna do? budget! (p.s. Helloooooo myspace phototime!)

Slouchy cotton yes! Drape drape drape grey yellow grey yellow. I'm dying that skirt black as we speak because I spilled (stained) chocolate ALL OVER IT. Thank you dylon dyes.

Day on bikes in Vancouver, BC along the seawall and The Final Destination 3flippinD in langley. Close up belt time.
Thrifted Ikat 80's jersey knit dress, originally religiously long, cut short. Grandmas belt. White plimsoles. love love love love. score score score score. this outfit makes me want to go shopping.

What I wear to work. Fascinating. Originally black cotton work pants, now shorty shorts that aren't short. I believe they call these city shorts, or urban shorts, or work appropriate shorts.
A daily daily. Poofy thrifted old school gap skirt and grey vneck and some sort of potato vodka-ey cocktail.
Daaaamn, girlfriend. Thanks for playing along. When she found out I was taking a picture of myself she couldn't resist. She's wearing a collarless black blouse of mine, and I am wearing a white shapeless cotton comfyness of hers/her moms. Skinny jeans all around!

whew. i'm exhausted.
Blown away. p.s. Benny and Joon is on tv. expect another blog spot in like 5 seconds.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

in the neck of time.

remember that peachy necklace i posted below? If you don't, you might want to get your brain checked, it wasn't that long ago.

The necklace, I'm going to make one. I have some nice black ribbon for the 'chain' and some AMAZING gold brocade butter yellow fabric that a friend (hi claire, again!) gave me YEARS ago. I may have some googly gogs to attach as well.

I will keep you posted.

I'm excited.

Now, here's a challenge to you:


Friday, September 4, 2009


the new anthropologie catalogue came in the mail yesterday. i normally do not find anything that really makes me tingle. ah, but fall is on the horizon and fall is my favorite fashion time. the boots and sweaters and scarves...all of which i try in vain to wear all year long and are really only perfectly appropriate for the autumn leaf crunching times. Fall is perfect. It moves from sunny to grey in the span of two months...September always starts like summer, it was 74 degrees here today. By the time October comes around the wind storms sneak in, but the days can still be sunny and dry. And then November rushes towards you in all it's blustery greyness. Which means, fashion wise, that you can move from a light crisp white button up and tweed shorts to a full jacket, tights and boots. It's the best of everything. And the colors! All warm and edible. I want to roll in a pile of fall fashion. And of course, there is the nostalgia of back to school shopping. I am not reawakened in the spring sirs, Fall is where my heart will always belong. Some basics that struck me from anthropologie...can you believe that by the time I can shop again it will be deep into winter? I'm going to have to get creative.

I love these boots with everything that I have. <3 <3 <3

(all the stuff up here is from werd.)

And perhaps one of the stranger desires I have. Shearling flip flops. My feet get hot in slippers. But I love the fuzzy happy time that slippers offer. THESE ARE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!!! I've been drooling for almost two years now...(they are from ll bean, they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!!)

oh fall..I'm ready, as ready as I will be...sigh.